Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic Installs and Fusion Splicing


At HNS we can provide all types of fibre installations from Single to Multi Mode Fibre optic networks.

We are fully trained on the

installation of fibre optic and multi-mode cabling.

This includes fusion splicing, end termination and

OTDR testing.


We are also able to carry out

installations of tight buffered, loose tube, CST and

armoured fibre optic cables, including OM1, OM2 and

OM3 specifications.

Fibre optic cabling provides various important

benefits over traditional Category 5e /Category 6

copper cabling, including the transfer of greater

bandwidth, longer cable lengths and protection from

electrical interference.

Fibre optic cable is capable via higher bandwidths of

facilitating simultaneously the transfer of voice, data

and video signals over a pair of connections. With

speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second this will

make sure that your network will meet the needs of all your future communication needs. 

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