City Exchange

City Exchange

Here we where contacted by a Research Company based in Belfast. They where a fresh startup looking to get their network up and running as soon as possible. and have all the data cabling that did exist on the floor to be made live.


Here we advised on a Virgin Media leased fibre with a 50mbps Download and 50mbps Upload and five separate Public IP address'


Phase one was to get the virgin media fibre live and the network up and running. On the floor below the main office there was a shared cabinet left completely bare so we added the main equipment and patched in the upstairs office.


Due to building work we had scheduled the cabinet to be relocated up to the floor above. Unfortunately this came earlier than planned when not even a week later an electrician cut the fibre duct killing broadband to the building and our client. so instead of restoring to the current location we made the decision to start fresh.

The new VM fibre was brought into a locked dry riser cupboard and from there we ran a cat6 cable from the ONU to our new location inside the office.


Now for the cabinet, our client requested it be pride of place in the office and even wanted a taste of RGB! We happily obliged and started with the long task of relocating over 90 Cat6 cables from the floor below to upstairs, even removing half a kitchen on our way. 

After the first night our guys had the cables in place, power, cabinet and started patching. At the end of the second night shift the job was complete, fully performance tested and UPS charged. 


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