Business Case Studies


POD Camping Ireland

POD Camping Ireland approached us to help with a new campsite they are opening. The site is located too far from any BT exchange and therefore needed a solution to provide broadband to the site and distribute it for the guests and office.

We Decided to go with a 4G Antenna to bring the broadband into the site....READ MORE

City Exchange

Here we where contacted by a Research Company based in Belfast. They where a fresh startup looking to get their network up and running as soon as possible. and have all the data cabling that did exist on the floor to be made live.


Here we advised on a Virgin Media leased fibre with a 50mbps down and 50mb....READ MORE

Ballyversal Farm

Ballyversal Farm contacted us to survey the farm for full CCTV coverage. Another remit of the job was to cover the calving shed. 


We opted to go with three Speed Dome PTZ cameras from Hikvision and one Bullet Camera on the gate to keep costs low. This was no easy task to run ethernet for these cameras given the sheer size of the property. than...READ MORE

Botanic Rest B&B

Colin from Botanic Rest contacted us about upgrading and repairing his existing 32 camera system split across two 16 channel DVR's.

When we called to do our survey we noticed that seven of the cameras were not working and two intermittent. We decided to go with a Hikvision 32 Channel DVR to have everything on the same monitor for the staff as well as... READ MORE

City Backpackers

The Staff at City Backpackers contacted us regarding a cheap Ebay CCTV system they had "installed" they also had poor wireless recpeption for guests.


Our first port of call was to rip out the current system and professionally install a Hikvision system mounted in the celling with all cables hidden. Then install two Unifi Acce ...READ MORE

Crawford Hide

Crawford Hide reached out to us regarding issues with WiFi calling around the yard and office. While on the survey we noticed that the data cabinet in the managers office was in need of some serious TLC along with a few updates. we put a plan together to install wireless access points throughout the office, tidy up the cabinet and also install an external access point to support calling in the yard.. READ MORE

Hilden Brewery 

Full write up to be added soon ...READ MORE

Turkish Barbers

Here we where contacted by a chain of Turkish barber shops to help upgrade the exsiting CCTV system.


To keep costs down for the client we opted to stick with a coax based system as the cables where already installed for one of the properties and the cameras needed upgraded for Hikvison units. For the second property w....READ MORE


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